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Kassidy Beckstein, OTD, OTR

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Kassidy Beckstein is an occupational therapist with a degree in Doctor of Occupational Therapy. She specializes in therapy, splinting, pre-and-post-operative shoulder replacements, neuromuscular re-education for upper extremity motor and sensory nerve injuries.

Beckstein graduated from the University of Indianapolis with her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and with a master's in gerontology in 2022. She also has a Provisional Brain Injury Specialist Certificate.

She is originally from Ossian, a small town just south of Fort Wayne. She loves meeting people from all different walks of life and getting to know them while positively impacting them even if it's in a small way. She is passionate about the mental health of her patients as well as their physical health. She wants her patients to feel supported, safe and heard during their therapy sessions with her. Some fun facts about Beckstein are that she loves coffee, house plants and reading mystery/thriller novels.

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Occupational Therapy