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IU Health White Memorial improving the community

September 23, 2019

IU Health White Memorial team members packed personal hygiene kits and painted playgrounds for students during their Day of Service activities.

Children and adults living in poverty often go without basic essential items to manage proper hygiene. Not all students have equal access to items such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes or shampoo. More often than not, students miss school because of the lack of basic personal hygiene supplies. If they do come to school, many times they are embarrassed.

Team members also provided lice kits. The White County Health Department provides a limited number of lice kits; IU Health White Memorial supplemented the supply with 50 additional lice kits for students. The personal hygiene kits and lice kits will be delivered to North White High School.

At North White Elementary School team members installed an indoor sensory path in one hallway with specially made stickers. Outdoor enhancements included painting basketball court lines, hopscotch and more in the playground and sidewalks.

Team members used stencils to paint activities on the school playground at Meadowlawn Elementary School. Students will now be able to choose between different stations at recess including Four Square, hopscotch, yoga, a tessellation maze, USA map, giant checkers, jump rope station and a fitness activity circuit that students can hop, skip, jump and tiptoe their way through. The school expects this to help increase the amount of physical activity students will get at recess, as well as decrease the number of disciplinary infractions at recess.

“Physical activity opportunities in schools help to increase fitness, reduce obesity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. IU Health White Memorial is delighted to offer the students in Monon and Monticello different activity stations for recess,” said Mary Minier, president of IU Health White Memorial.

iu health white memorial volunteering in community

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