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Living Kidney Donation

Improving another person's quality of life for years to come

Review our living kidney donation guide to learn more about living kidney donation. You'll also learn about the dedicated team that supports living donors throughout their journey.

To donate a kidney, the first step is to submit the form below. You can also call an IU Health living donor nurse coordinator at 800.382.4602. All communication between the transplant center and a potential donor is confidential.

To learn more about the living kidney donation program:

What to Expect: Living Kidney Donation

Living Donor Evaluation Form

Demographic Data

Relationship to Recipient*

Medical History

Blood Sugar Problems/Diabetes*
Blood Sugar Problems/Diabetes during pregnancy*
Are you currently being treated for High Blood Pressure?*
Do you take blood pressure medication?*
Were you treated for High Blood Pressure during pregnancy?*
Do you have heart problems?*
Do you have a history of kidney stones/problems?*
Do you have a history of urine/kidney infections?*
Have you ever had cancer?*
Do you hold any beliefs that would prohibit you from accepting blood if needed?*

Watch: A Brother’s Love

Watch: A Friend Saves a Life

Patient Stories

Watch: A Brother’s Love

Watch: A Friend Saves a Life