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February 13, 2023

An armful of DAISYs

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

An armful of DAISYs

Mandatory education–two words that can strike dread into the hearts of many busy healthcare workers. For five nurses at IU Health Bloomington, a mandatory two-hour seminar turned out to be a fib (and not the medical type of a-fib).

A large banner reading “Congratulate our DAISY Award Honoree!” and a group of leaders and loved ones were not what they expected to see when they opened the door. And as they filed in with surprised faces, the DAISY Award recognition ceremony began.

One by one, each DAISY Award honoree was read their nomination form, received their pin and statue, and given a warm hug. Learn more about these DAISY nurses below.

Vlad Vukanovie, RN

Vlad Vukanovie, RN

Part of the 3E Adaptive Acuity team, Vukanovic was nominated by the dialysis team, who described him as a strong promoter of communication and grace.

“He is such a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond when needed,” they said. “Vlad’s communication with our team is always impeccable…He knows his patients well, not just the surface things, but truly knows his patients, making it easy for others to care for these patients too.”

The nomination also described a “particularly trying day” for this nurse when he exhibited grace and patience to mold the situation into “controlled chaos.”

“Vlad truly embodies the IU Health way, and his commitment to team, compassion, purpose and excellence is clear to all who cross paths with him!”

Kate Stoops, RN

Kate Stoops, RN

A patient’s friend nominated this emergency department nurse after their loved one came to the hospital to seek help.

“She was so empathetic, supportive, and validating,” they said. "Not only did she talk my friend through every aspect of the procedure and paperwork, but she took multiple opportunities to ensure their comfort.”

Through open communication and a focus on the patient’s experience, Stoops ensured they felt comfortable, cared for, and validated. The nominator added that they appreciated Stoops taking the time to ensure they knew how to support their friend in the future.

“Kate has a very positive and approachable attitude, and her bedside manner is so inspiring and comforting,” they said. “She has an incredible heart and talent in this field, and she is beyond deserving.”

Shannon Goldman, RN

Shannon Goldman, RN

This endoscopy nurse’s DAISY nominator described her as one of the nurses “who work in areas of the hospital that patients often do not remember or even know their names because of the situation of their illness.”

Nonetheless, she continually provides extraordinary care and holds herself up to a high bar she sets for herself.

“Every patient interaction, she brings smiles, laughter, and kindness to a level that disarms the patients who are frustrated or scared,” the nominator said. “Shannon effortlessly manages to put these patients at ease, makes them feel heard and listened to and not spoken to like they don’t understand. And when they don’t, she explains to them in a way in which they can.”

Julia Blubaugh, RN

Julia Blubaugh, RN

A team member recalled the extraordinary lengths she went to for a readmitted patient in their nomination letter for this pediatric nurse.

“While most of the pediatric team is aware of the patient’s previous medical complications, Julia has gone above and beyond to ensure that this particular admission was at least better than their previous.”

This included getting the patient directly admitted to pediatrics since they knew the history, setting up trick-or-treating on the unit for the patient’s child, making sure the child and spouse could visit often, bringing her outside to get fresh air, and even bringing her a brownie every single day Blubaugh worked.

She was also a fierce advocate for the patient and worked with many teams to ensure the best care possible.

“Julia went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they could have a preserved (and hopefully improved) quality of life. If one were to review the ANA scope and standards of practice, Julia’s care was an extraordinary example of each standard. Julia is always an amazing nurse and anyone would be lucky to have someone like her caring for them.”

Bo McCain, RN<

Bo McCain, RN

McCain is on the adaptive acuity team on 5E, and his nomination came from a very thankful patient who recalled the nurse being one of the first to arrive for a rapid response.

Described as “extremely calm and focused,” McCain helped the patient, in turn, feel calm as they focused on him.

“I was extremely impressed with his perseverance and compassion,” the patient said. “He seems very humble, and it was very nice to have such driven people in a definite time of need. Much appreciation.”