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February 15, 2024

Patient with testicular cancer: ‘I misdiagnosed myself three times’

IU Health Simon Cancer Center

Patient with testicular cancer: ‘I misdiagnosed myself three times’

A retired IU Health radiologist is grateful to be in the care of a hospital he knows.

By TJ Banes, IU Health Senior Journalist,

First it was his chest; then his appendix and now his testicles. Frederick “Freddie” Kelvin is serious about his health, and he tells about his hospitalizations in a similar way that he wrote his memoir. He’s a storyteller.

In 2022 he authored, ”Urban Nomad,” a 230 page book reflecting on his life - including his formative years in England, his parents’ escape from the Nazis, his career in the medical field, his introspective view of his Jewish heritage, and his survival of a major heart attack.

The heart attack was one of three health emergencies that Kelvin misdiagnosed. He once had appendicitis and thought it was diverticulosis. He had decided his heart attack was a virus until he ended up in the hospital. And more recently, he thought he had an infection when he discovered a lump in his left testicle.

The heart attack resulted in what Kelvin calls “a ventricular storm.” First he had stent placement at IU Health Methodist Hospital, was discharged and ended back in the hospital 10 days later for a heart arrhythmia. What followed were two cardiac arrests and another extended hospital stay. That was in 2007.

Kelvin spent his life working in radiology and met his wife, Anne while on the faculty at Duke University Medical Center. They married in 1979 and moved to Indianapolis in 1985 with their children, Elizabeth and David. Kelvin took a position in gastrointestinal radiology at IU Health Methodist Hospital where he remained on staff until 2008.

He again returned to IU Health when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer on Dec. 13, 2023. Under the care of Dr. Lawrence Einhorn, Kelvin underwent chemotherapy.

Dr. Einhorn is known for his successful treatment of testicular cancer - germ cell tumors - using a mix of high dose chemotherapies and peripheral stem cell transplant. His patients come from throughout the United States and even from other countries.

“Dr. Einhorn is a wonderful person not just a doctor. This is my second life given back to me - first by the cardiac team at Methodist Hospital and now by Dr. Einhorn,” said Kelvin. “I’m one lucky dude. I’m going to miss this oncological center after I complete my chemotherapy.”

Since retirement Kelvin has enjoyed golf and travel - including several trips to Israel capturing his Jewish heritage through photography. His photography skills have also connected him with several of Indiana’s arts organizations.

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