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July 04, 2024

Physical therapist benefits from working in rural Indiana

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Physical therapist benefits from working in rural Indiana

Mitesh Soni, a dedicated physical therapist at IU Health Frankfort Hospital, has a story that spans continents and passions. Born and raised in India, Soni’s journey into physical therapy was shaped by personal experiences and a love for sports. From his grandmother’s shoulder therapy appointments to witnessing athletes being treated at cricket matches, these early influences fueled his desire to pursue a career where he could help people and stay connected to physical activity.

A personal touch in physical therapy

Soni’s approach to physical therapy is deeply personal. He spends time getting to know his patients and their stories, which helps him understand their unique challenges.

“Seeing them get better puts a smile on my face,” says Soni. “That’s the feeling that keeps me motivated every day. That joy, no one else can give you. You can’t buy that feeling anywhere.”

His job involves evaluating patients, tailoring treatments to individual needs and creating comprehensive care plans. Soni is committed to educating his patients about their conditions and treatment plans, providing positive reinforcement to help them stay on track. He believes in keeping home exercises simple, which enhances adherence and effectiveness.

Thriving in a small-town environment

Having worked at IU Health Frankfort Hospital for just three months, Soni has already formed strong bonds with his patients. He appreciates providing care in a close-knit community, where he can follow patients throughout their entire medical journeys, from inpatient care to outpatient follow-ups. This continuity of care is a unique advantage of working at a critical access hospital like Frankfort. Working in a small community has also helped him quickly form a strong local reputation.

Soni also enjoys the state-of-the-art facilities of Frankfort Hospital, built in 2020. The modern amenities, including a comfortable cafeteria and lounge for team members, contribute to a supportive work environment.

Commitment to professional growth

Soni understands the importance of staying updated in his field. He is currently pursuing certifications in functional manual therapy and vestibular rehabilitation, with strong support from his manager and IU Health.

“I think that working for IU Health is amazing,” he says. “I feel a sense of belonging. Everyone is nice to you and tries to work as a team. We all work for the health of the patients.”

IU Health provides valuable resources, such as discounts on certification programs, which help Soni maintain his license and continue his education. This commitment to professional growth enables him to provide the best possible care for his patients.

A bright future

Soni's dedication, compassion and continuous pursuit of knowledge make him an asset to IU Health Frankfort Hospital and the community it serves. His journey from India to working in a small American town, driven by a passion for helping others and a love for sports, is a testament to the impact that personal experiences and professional commitment can have on where someone’s career can take them.

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