Symptom Guide

Your Symptoms. Your Care. Your Choice.

Use the grid below to choose the best care option for you and your loved ones.

Symptoms Primary CareStethascope Primary Care Primary
Urgent CareDoctor's briefcase Urgent Care Urgent
Virtual VisitsDoctor's pad Virtual Visit Virtual
Emergency CareAmbulance Emergency ER $$$$$
Allergic reaction where it's hard to breathe
Asthma attack - inhalers are not helping and difficulty breathing
Asthma attack - inhalers are working some
Back pain
Burns - severe
Burns - minor
Bladder infection (UTI)
Bone breaks (large bones or serious breaks)
Bone breaks (minor)
Care for life-long health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure)
Chest pain
Cough with stuffy or runny nose, sore throat like a cold
Coughing or throwing up blood
Cuts that are deep or bleeding that won't stop
Cuts - minor
Dizziness or vertigo
Ear pain, eye pain or infection
Exams for school, camp, work
Fever over 104 degrees (adult)
Flu-like symptoms, such as a fever, achy body, cough
Headache - severe
Insect stings and bites
New medications or prescription refills
Passing out or blacking out
Rashes and other minor skin problems
Shots (vaccines) to prevent illness, such as the flu
Sinus infections
Snake bites*
Sports physicals
Stomach pain - severe
Stomach pain - minor, throwing up, loose stools
Stroke symptoms (dizziness, unable to stand, headache, blurry vision, numbness in face, arms and/or legs, impaired speech)
Trauma or very bad injury
Trouble breathing
Work-type injury or exams, workers' comp

*Indiana Poison Center: 800.222.1222