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May 05, 2023

BEEing there for the abused and traumatized

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BEEing there for the abused and traumatized

“Why are my babies here?”

That was the first thing Stacey Tinsley, CMA, said when she walked into the IU Health Bloomington Obstetrics & Gynecology break room on Friday, March 31.

Her team had snuck her family into the room as part of her surprise BEE Award presentation, which specifically recognizes the great work of medical assistants.

During the celebration, which included anecdotes about how amazing she is in the office, one particular topic stood out: Tinsley’s dedication to helping those who’ve experienced trauma.

This includes her work at IU Health and Susie’s Place, which specifically works with abused children. Danielle Benedick, NP, mentioned how Tinsley has helped over 50 children over the past year.

“I became interested in this type of care when I realized the impact I make on each patient,” says Tinsley. “It’s important to me to provide patients, who may have experienced past trauma, with validation and empathy so they know they are being heard and respected and can trust me with the knowledge of their past trauma and the information they give to me.

That trust can be the start of healing.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with patients who have blossomed into incredible, strong, confident women,” says Tinsley. “In some cases, I was able to help them through that transition period from trauma to healing. That brings me much confidence and eagerness to put all my efforts into my responsibilities in my position and provide each person with the care they need.”

And all of that effort is recognized by her team and family, who filled the BEE Award presentation with love and celebration.

“I was surprised to see so many people staring at me as I walked into the break room,” says Tinsley. “To see my littles run up to me, I knew that all this attention had something to do with me, and to learn I won the BEE Award was such a fulfilling moment. I’ll wear my BEE pin proudly.”

Stacey Tinsley BEE Award event

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