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April 21, 2023

Caring for others recharges team member’s battery

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

Caring for others recharges team member’s battery

It was cold, dark, and rainy as Brandy M. Beyers, BSN, RN, CGRN, waited for her daughter to get out of volleyball practice. As she turned the key in the ignition to start the car back up, she heard the sound everyone dreads—the sound of an engine that won’t turn over.

Beyers was stuck 30 minutes from home with a dead battery.

“I had been texting my coworker, Travis Tate, about a joke from earlier in the day so I vented to him about my battery problem,” says Beyers. “While my husband was getting ready to leave the house to come and jump-start my car, Travis offered to stop by on his way home to take care of it.”

Tate doesn’t remember what the joke was, but his dedication to team, compassion, and purpose meant he couldn’t leave her out in the cold when he could do something to help.

“It’s in my core, due in part because of my family up bringing and also my Christian faith,” says Tate. “Knowing you made a difference in someone’s life, no matter how big or small, is such a great feeling.

Tate has an 11-year-old son who loves hands-on tasks, so he came along to learn about jump-starting another vehicle.

“He thought it was so cool that we jumped started a car that had stalled and got it back on the road again,” says Tate.

Beyers is very thankful for her teammate’s efforts that saved her husband a 30-minute drive in the rain while also ensuring she and her daughter got home safe that night.

“Travis takes ‘team’ with him wherever he goes, and it truly shows,” says Beyers.

Tate encourages others to pay it forward and help people when they can.

“Not only because it feels good, but when you’re on the receiving end, it’s such a blessing to have someone help you in a time of need,” says Tate. “Be part of a chain reaction of serving/caring.”