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April 19, 2024

Finding a new home in Indiana

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Finding a new home in Indiana

Nothando Sibanda, RN, grew up over 8,000 miles away from Indiana, in the remote countryside of Zimbabwe. That’s where she found herself drawn to caring for others.

Nothando Sibanda, RN
Nothando Sibanda, RN

“I admired the volunteers who were offering home-based care services, family planning, and midwifery,” says Sibanda. “The determination shown by the nurses conducting monthly mobile clinics for immunization and treatment of minor illnesses, and the high degree of appreciation they received from the community ignited my passion to join the nursing profession.”

She turned to Westways Staffing Services for assistance with credential evaluation, NCLEX preparation, the VISA screening process, travel arrangements, job placements and more so she could join the International Nursing Program.

And in the summer of 2022, Sibanda was warmly welcomed by the IU Health Bloomington 3W team.

“Clinical Manager Suzanne Wright, MSN, RN, Clinical Advisor Kristy Todd, RN, NPD-BC, ONC, and many of her 3W co-workers have truly enjoyed helping her acclimate to Bloomington,” says Bloomington Director of Nursing Operations Lisa Aldridge, MSN, RN. “They’ve also reaped the rewards of being around the light Nothando exudes.”

Armed with a collection of material about the Bloomington community, including the bus transit system, restaurants, schools and recreational areas, Sibanda and her family started setting down roots in their new home.

“I enjoy the peaceful neighborhood around my place of residence. The people here are ever cheerful and friendly, and I love stopping to chat with them daily when taking a walk,” she describes.

Her son and daughter have made many friends at school, and her husband, a registered nurse, recently joined the 3W team as well. Even with her busy schedule, Sibanda has pushed herself to continue her education.

“We have all been so impressed as we have watched Nothando pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) while working full time on nightshift as well as taking care of her beautiful family,” says Aldridge.

With her BSN in hand, Sibanda now plans to pursue a master’s program.

“We want to congratulate Nothando on her immense accomplishments,” says Aldridge. “And we are so grateful she will transition from our International Nurse program to being a permanent IU Health team member this summer.”

“My decision to join the IU Health Bloomington 3W team permanently was driven by the desire to work with a supportive and united team,” she explains. “I want to surround myself with people who wish me well and help me grow.”