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May 10, 2024

Generations of caring

IU Health Bedford Hospital

Generations of caring

IU Health Bedford can really feel like a large family at times, especially when you’re walking down the hall and see your actual mother on her lunch break.

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, learn about some of these amazing team members who contribute to wonderful care.

Tara Holt, RN

I love working with my mom and have tried so very hard to live up to her standards of patient care. Many times, she picks me up on her way to work if we work the same day. Mom is my best friend and who doesn't want to work with their best friend?

Tammy Bush

Sharing my love of patient care with my daughter has been truly inspiring in watching her grow and advance in her career. It's been a joy and I love having her close.

Connie Kinder, RN

I am blessed and proud to hear and see the wonderful care and services that my daughter Vanessa provides each day. I smile and my heart swells when patients and others acknowledge their appreciation of her care and hard work.

Vanessa Moore, NP

I think I always knew that I would follow in my mother’s footsteps. I loved starting my career here in the ER as a RN, which was her love for years. If I play any part in carrying on her legacy, then I will strive to continue with the utmost dedication and pride in the role.

Lindsey Power

My daughter Chelsea recently started in the ED and it is so amazing to watch her grow. To see her set out to reach her goals and work alongside of her is an awesome experience.

Holly Russell

I have worked for IU Health for the last 20 years alongside my mom. It's nice to work with her and she has taught me so much about respiratory therapy over the years. My dad is also a respiratory therapist and retired from this hospital, so I basically grew up here.

Gloria Stewers

My favorite thing about working with Holly is seeing her advance in her career. Plus, I get to hear firsthand patients and co-workers saying such wonderful things about her. If I sound like a proud mama, it’s because I am.

Tonya Fortner

My daughter and I have had a great time working together for many years. I am now a Hospice liaison with the SCR and Shelby is a shift coordinator at Bedford. We continue to enjoy talking daily and occasionally still have the pleasure of providing care side by side.

Shelby Fortner

My mother has a servant's heart and is the biggest patient advocate I know. I have loved working alongside my mom for 10 years and counting. We have been so fortunate to be able to provide care for our hometown community. The best kind of mom raises a nurse.

Amber Fields

My daughter, Terri Carver, works remotely, so we will often send jabbers throughout the week to check in. It’s a nice way to touch base with each other quickly to show we care.

Trey Kimbley

My mom brought me into her office often as a little kid and I saw her helping others and caring for them. We don't work the same floor, but we still do the same job of helping others and that's all I ever want.

Terri Kimbley, NP

It’s a special feeling knowing my son is wanting to pursue a career in nursing. He has a servant’s heart and genuinely cares for others. Even though we don’t work in the same area, we still are able to discuss our day and support each other.

Mindy Warren

I have had the opportunity to show Britta around ICU and the hospital some on her shadow days here. I love to see her ask questions and see what it’s like to work in healthcare and to take care of patients.

Haley Hagan

Mom and I work in the ER together, but on different shifts. She does noon – midnight and I do 6 pm – 6 am. I like seeing her doing what she enjoys, she has so much compassion for our patients. Plus, it’s extra time I get to spend with my mom.

Elli Crosby

I enjoy working with my mother. We share breakfast together sometimes, and I get to see the different roles that happen in the ED and see my co-workers learn under her guidance. Maybe I'll follow in her footsteps and become a registered nurse in the ED.

Mandy Daria

My daughter, Isabel, aspires to go to nursing school when she gets out of high school, and being a junior volunteer gives her the opportunity to work beside me in the Oncology department and see what she could possibly do in the future.

Macey Moore

The part I enjoy most of working with my mom is how much safer I feel. I can always go to her for help. Working with my mother makes my day 10x better. She is very outgoing, joyful, and goes above and beyond for her patients. I aspire to be just like her.

Stacey White

It is the ultimate blessing to work with Macey on the Med-Surg floor. My heart swells with pride as I hear patients talk about how sweet, caring, and kind she is. It is so rewarding every day to watch how she has become this selfless and precious woman.

Brandi Phillips

Working with my mother-in-law has brought us closer together. We both share the same compassion in helping patients and our mutual respect has grown a lot since working together. It's nice having her there to help and lean on when I need someone.

Sharon Phillips

Helping others is a blessing. It’s nice knowing Brandi is close if I need her and that we can help each other.

Lori Rynders

My current position as Volunteer Services coordinator allows me to help patients, show appreciation to staff and make the healthcare field more comfortable. And it means my daughter and I can enjoy sharing our lunches together and talking about our days at work.

Emmi Rynders, LPN

I grew up watching my mom help others and I wanted to do the same. What I enjoy most about working with my mom is being able to visit her whenever I am having a hard day and being able to see her even when we are working.

Tina Marlow

Christie works in Rehab and Sports Medicine and Stephanie works at the Hunter building in Behavioral Health, so we don’t cross paths often. However, we do follow up with one another on hot topics throughout the SCR and, of course, family life.

Stephanie Marlow

I enjoy that we can keep each other updated on news and that it is easy for us to reach out to one another.

Christie Mullis

A lot of our family has worked in healthcare and I like that we get to see each other in the lunch room and catch up with what's going on in our busy lives.

Jody Hill

It has been such a joy for me to see Averi’s commitment to healthcare. She has a great understanding of how the pieces of healthcare work together and the importance of her role.

Averi Mathis

I inherited a love for helping others from my mom and I love working with her. We are able to share with one another our encouraging patient experiences, witness medical miracles and make a difference in the well-being of the members in our community.

Anne Todd

Amanda and I have never worked in the same departments, but we each have found our niche in nursing. Her heart is in ED and mine has always been Oncology.

Amanda Flynn, RN

My mom has always taught me to work hard, follow your dream, and live with purpose for doing good for all of those you come in contact with—I’m forever grateful for that. I love being able to share the same purpose and passion.

Jo Scott

What I enjoy most about working with my daughter is I get to see the impact she makes on peoples lives and get to connect with her on a daily basis where I might otherwise not get to see her. Plus she usually will bring me McDonald's for breakfast!

Chelsea Scott

What I enjoy most about working with my Mother is that I get to see her every day and lean on her for support if I am having a rough day and sometimes I can hit her up for a free lunch.