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May 31, 2023

Leading the field in giving back

IU Health Methodist Hospital

Leading the field in giving back

In a May 2015 practice for the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe, took turn three at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 220 miles per hour like he’d done many times before. But this time his suspension failed, sending him into the wall. A piece of the suspension severed his femoral artery. Pinned in his car, Hinchcliffe was losing blood fast.

Hinchcliffe was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital, just four miles away. “I was driving around the Speedway, life was good, and I woke up staring at a bunch of bright lights in a neck brace with a tube down my throat,” said Hinchcliffe. “I thought, ‘Something’s gone wrong here.’”

As the Official Healthcare Provider of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IU Health has been caring for drivers like Hinchcliffe and racing fans since 1909: addressing everything from spectator dehydration to drivers facing complex trauma.

Through the expert care provided by IU Health’s physicians and nurses—both at the track and at Methodist—Hinchcliffe made a full recovery. “What was so special about working with the team at Methodist was the humanity,” Hinchcliffe said. “You didn’t feel like a patient or a number. It was so personal; they were so engaged and caring.”

Hinchcliffe’s accident and need for several transfusions highlighted the need for a blood bank at the track. In 2016, funds raised by IU Health Foundation’s Rev event paid for a remote blood bank station for the IU Health Emergency Medical Center at the IMS, which houses nurses, physicians, surgeons and specialists.

2023 marks Rev’s 10th anniversary. Hinchcliffe has supported Rev since its inception—and plans to attend for as long as he’s able. Hinchcliffe said, “I’ll be a part of that event until they kick me out.”

For information on how to support philanthropic initiatives at IU Health, contact the IU Health Foundation at 317.962.1777 or