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February 27, 2024

Team member empowered through a path of wellness

Team member empowered through a path of wellness

Heather Brandt produces remarkable results with the guidance of her health coach.

Heather Brandt, Revenue Cycle Services quality expert, was 22 years post gastric bypass surgery when she began to experience health complications. When she realized she needed to make a change, she turned to Healthy Results — IU Health’s wellness program that offers a variety of programs to improve your physical health and emotional well-being.

Healthy Results served as a solid foundation for Brandt. After completing her initial health screening, she knew exactly what she wanted to target on her health and wellness journey—weight loss and lowering her blood sugar. The various course offerings and challenges allowed Brandt an opportunity to take control of her health. Earning money to help pay for her insurance was a bonus.

“I initially began participating in Healthy Results for the financial incentive,” says Brandt. Team members who are benefits eligible and participate in Healthy Results programs can benefit financially. Participating in the programs awards points that contribute toward a bi–weekly financial incentive of up to $1,000/year. “Once I decided I wanted to make lifestyle changes, I knew I needed to sign up for health coaching.”

Heather Brandt

Brandt began meeting with Healthy Results coach, Jill Dodson, in 2021.

Throughout Brandt’s health coaching journey, she approached each session with innovative ideas to improve her health. Dodson served as a sounding board, providing advice, serving as a listening ear and ultimately encouraging Brandt every step of the way.

“I enjoyed meeting with my coach because she provided unconditional support,” says Brandt. “She’s supported all of my ideas. We both learned from each other.”

Brandt’s dedication, combined with Dodson’s guidance, has yielded remarkable results. At the end of 2023, Brandt celebrated a significant milestone: 50 pounds lost and stable blood glucose readings.

“I don’t have to take any prescribed medication now,” says Brandt. “I’m saving money while also earning money.”

Through health coaching, Brandt also experienced a greater awareness of her personal health, increased time spent participating in health activities and improved overall well-being.

As Brandt looks ahead to 2024, she’s excited to dive back into the new learning opportunities, peer challenges and celebrating more success with Dodson.