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June 03, 2024

Tipton team members celebrate 25 years or more with IU Health

IU Health Tipton Hospital

Tipton team members celebrate 25 years or more with IU Health

IU Health Tipton has many team members who have worked at the hospital for decades. Recently, hospital team members who have worked at IU Health for 25 years or more gathered to take a photo to commemorate their many years of service. Total, the group has spent over 1,083 years helping patients.

"We are proud of our family-like culture at Tipton, where team members develop close relationships with both their peers and their patients," says Liesel Delameter, chief operating officer and chief nursing officer of IU Health Tipton. "The team intentionally creates an environment where you want to stay for your entire career."

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Front row, left to right:

- Rebecca Ressler, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, 38 years

- Jeni Whitehead, Clinical Imaging Specialist, 34 years

- Sandy Mosbaugh, RN - Surgery, 26 years

- Charlene Powell, RN - Surgery, 27 years

- Jennifer Hoover, RN - Surgery, 25 years

- Angie Morgan, Manager - Pharmacy, 30 years

- Linda Boyer, Case Manager, 38 years

Second row:

- Pam Long, Unit Secretary - Radiology, 45 years

- Carlann Shadday, RN - Medical-Surgical, 43 years

- Elena Vogel, Physical Therapist, 35 years

- Annie Murray, RN - Quality Coordinator, 33 years

- Cathy Hodson, Supervisor - Supply Chain, 26 years

- Mary Ann Teuscher, Supervisor - Lab, 32 years

- Diana McCormick, Patient Care Assistance - Medical-Surgical, 33 years

Third row:

- Teresa Kimbler, Lab Assistant II, 31 years

- Carrie Shortridge, Physical Therapy Assistant, 29 years

- Susie Hook, Manager - RCS, 48 years

- Teresa Burns, Senior Project Manager (now retired), 45 years

- Marla Good, Pharmacy Technician, 29 years

- Shelley Huff, Program Manager - HR, 27 years

- Doug Crouch, Team Lead - Facilities, 29 years

Fourth Row:

- Christine Marvin, RN - ER, 36 years

- Mary Jane Hill, Manager - Health Information Management, 26 years

- Lita Murphy, Lab Technician, 31 years

- Kim Pratt, Registration Specialist, 25 years

Not Pictured:

- Rebecca Camire, Respiratory Therapist, 27 years

- Kelly Hendershot, Manager - Cardiology/Respiratory (Now Retired), 36 years

- Kimberly Lacy, Registration Specialist, 31 years

- Joyce Monroe, Medical Assistant II, 42 years

- Rex Shepherd, Maintenance Technician, 29 years

- Melissa Stahl, RN - IU Health Physicians, 26 years

- Toni Trine, Patient Care Assistance - Medical-Surgical, 27 years

- Phillip Whisler, HVAC Senior Technician, 44 years

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