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March 15, 2024

Certified nurse commends colleagues’ compassion and continuous learning

IU Health Frankfort Hospital

Certified nurse commends colleagues’ compassion and continuous learning

As Certified Nurses Day approaches on March 19, it is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on dedicated professionals like certified nurse Brittany Chavez, whose passion for nursing and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring.

Chavez finds joy in exploration, cherishing the opportunity to embark on new adventures and focus on having fun while traveling. Additionally, she enjoys attending her children's sporting events, cheering on her son in baseball and her daughter in softball.

From her early aspirations sparked by family influence to her current role as a nursing professional development specialist in the West Central Region, Chavez exemplifies the IU Health values and the dedication of certified nurses everywhere.

“My mom always wanted to be a nurse, but she never became one,” says Chavez. “Because of this, she tried to inspire me to become one. She planted the seed in ninth grade. She said that I would never be bored as a nurse.”

Partially driven by her mother’s advice and partially by her own fascination with medical television shows, Chavez discovered her calling.

A lifelong commitment to learning

Chavez's passion for education and sharing knowledge has been a driving force throughout her career. As a nursing professional development specialist, she has found her niche, relishing the opportunity to onboard new team members and witness their growth firsthand. She believes in the importance of continuous learning in nursing.

“You won’t stop learning,” says Chavez of what life as a nurse is like.

For Chavez, obtaining nursing certifications was not only a personal accomplishment but also a means of leading by example and enhancing her ability to support her colleagues. She views certifications as a testament to one's dedication and proficiency in their specialty.

A home for nursing excellence

“I’ve never contemplated leaving IU Health,” says Chavez.

Throughout her career, Chavez has found a sense of belonging and fulfillment at IU Health, where she appreciates the organization's commitment to its team members. She believes that the provision of tuition reimbursement for medical professionals underscores IU Health's dedication to supporting its team’s growth and development.

The heart of nursing

As Chavez reflects on her career, she emphasizes the profound rewards of being a nurse and the importance of celebrating the selfless acts of kindness that define the profession. From small gestures of compassion, nursing embodies a spirit of generosity.

Chavez has witnessed countless instances of nurses going above and beyond their duties.

“I’ve seen nurses taking patients' clothes home for a wash, offering their own money, giving patients homecooked meals and personally buying them things from the store,” says Chavez.

Despite their extraordinary gestures, nurses remain remarkably humble, embodying the essence of their profession as compassionate caregivers.

“Being a nurse is just an extremely rewarding career,” says Chavez.

Her journey exemplifies the spirit of Certified Nurses Day, honoring the dedication, compassion and expertise of certified nurses everywhere. While celebrating this day, remember to recognize and applaud the invaluable contributions of nurses like Chavez, whose commitment to excellence enriches the lives of patients and colleagues alike.