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June 02, 2023

I was called to do it

IU Health Arnett Hospital

I was called to do it

“God had put it to me—I was called to do it,” says Amanda White on why she donated a kidney. “It was going to happen—someday.”

Amanda White
Amanda White

Making the decision to donate a kidney was not hard for White. It was always a matter of when.

“Knowing you can change someone’s life for the better,” says White. “It is a blessing for me physically and mentally.”

White is the supervisor of nuclear medicine at IU Health Arnett Hospital. Some of the patients she sees regularly are in need lifesaving transplants.

White started with the online application, then the testing procedures to ensure she was healthy enough to donate. Halfway through the process, she decided to step forward for one of her patients in need of a kidney.

“I had a patient who was getting older, which meant his time on the transplant list was getting shorter,” says White. “Life has value, no matter your age. I decided I wanted to step forward for him.”

She was not a match for him. But her willingness to donate to him specifically moved him up on the list and a donor was found. Her donation started a three-person donation chain. Three lives changed dramatically based on her decision.

The entire donation process took about a year. The whole time, White was most concerned about taking the needed time off work.

“Knowing I would be off for six weeks, I just did not want to create a burden for our team,” says White. “My supervisor and director were fully supportive of my decision and kept assuring me it was ok to take the time.”

“Donating a kidney is just one example of how Amanda is always putting others first,” says Kristin Post, vice president of operations, allied health services. “She develops a deep bond with the patients she cares for and crosses paths with. She has a positive outlook, shining smile and a laugh we love to hear drifting through the first floor.”

Her supervisor, Danielle Owens, even stepped back into direct patient care while White was on leave.

“That is one thing I love about my job—the love and support from the team,” says White. “Between my work family, my church family and my family, I am truly blessed.”