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March 25, 2024

ICU doctor puts patients—and people—first

IU Health Arnett Hospital

ICU doctor puts patients—and people—first

Throughout his 22-year tenure with IU Health, Arnett physician Tyson Neumann has remained steadfast in his commitment to putting patients first.

At the IU Health Arnett Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neumann is not only an extraordinary caregiver, but also a staunch advocate for his patients, finding immense fulfillment in guiding individuals through critical moments helping patients emerge from the ICU. For Neumann, the opportunity to navigate critical situations and assume the weighty responsibility they entail is not just a duty but an honor.

Building a culture of teamwork

“We have a great team here,” says Neumann, who emphasizes the invaluable support of his team, underscoring the collaborative spirit that permeates his workplace.

He finds profound purpose in the noble calling of medicine.

“I really do enjoy my job,” says Dr. Neumann. “The idea of being a doctor, I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.”

A seasoned practitioner, he also values mentoring team members.

“There is never a time that he doesn’t have the time to answer someone’s question,” says registered nurse Stefanie Ridoutt. “He finds the time. No one’s afraid to speak their mind. He really encourages and fosters a culture that lives the IU Health values.”

Above and beyond

Ridoutt remembers Neumann's compassionate intervention in a situation involving a terminally ill ICU patient and their distant family. The patient's child, residing abroad and not a U.S. citizen, faced significant hurdles in arranging a timely visit. Neumann's advocacy proved pivotal, as he navigated bureaucratic complexities to ensure the child's swift entry into the country via a rarely granted expedited visa, allowing for a heartfelt reunion before the patient's final moments.

“He understands that these are people,” says Ridoutt. “He will never be too busy for families.”

His dedication, coupled with his genuine passion for serving others, epitomizes the essence of medical excellence. Neumann stands as an example of selflessness and expertise, embodying the essence of a healer whose impact resonates far beyond the confines of the hospital walls through saving lives.