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July 21, 2023

Pet therapy fosters healing through kisses and cuddles

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Pet therapy fosters healing through kisses and cuddles

Rhett, Ashby and Mosby are a trio of dalmatians with a very serious job—besides snoozing, of course. Their task is to bring a little bit of puppy love to team members and patients across IU Health Arnett.

This trio’s human companion, Gary Nowling, a volunteer at IU Health Arnett, has been working with therapy dogs for several years and does the rigorous training himself, but he still gives Rhett, Ashby and Mosby all the credit.

“These guys do all the work,” says Nowling. “It’s just phenomenal to watch what they do and the reactions that they get.”

Nowling volunteers his time to bring Rhett, Ashby and Mosby around to anyone who might need a little boost in their day. Nowling also spends time keeping the dogs in tip-top shape so they are ready to melt hearts and provide comfort.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Nowling’s experience and see Rhett, Ashby and Mosby in action.