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November 29, 2023

Positive Link provides help and hope to Hoosiers

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Positive Link provides help and hope to Hoosiers

More than 6,800 Hoosiers are living with HIV, with approximately 500 new cases diagnosed each year.

Positive Link—a service of IU Health, which offers free HIV prevention, testing and services for those living with HIV—is working to turn those numbers around.

“Our mission is to work with our communities to end the HIV epidemic in Indiana,” says Jill Stowers, director of Positive Link, which operates throughout the state. “We provide services to any individual affected by the disease and to organizations that serve the populations most affected by HIV, including the LGBTQ+ community, the substance abuse community, communities of color and those between the ages of 16 and 26.”

Among the services Positive Link offers are rapid result finger prick antibody testing (for HIV, as well as Hepatitis C and syphilis), pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention, mental health care, assistance navigating the healthcare system and paying medical bills, and so much more.

Statewide impact

Positive Link serves Hoosiers statewide, with offices in Bloomington, Paoli, Terre Haute, Lafayette and Muncie.

Since 1991, Positive Link has served Bloomington and IU Health's South Central Region.

In Greater Lafayette, where the Arnett team has been a pioneer in providing AIDS care since the 1980s, the Positive Link team serves Tippecanoe and all its surrounding counties.

“Each year, we serve around 400 people in the Greater Lafayette area,” says Logan Lee, Positive Link health educator in Lafayette. “And, we're always looking for new community partners where we can offer free onsite testing.”

Statewide, Positive Link served more than 2,200 people in 2022.

Supporting the whole person, at no cost

“The most unique feature of our service model is that we are a community-based social service agency that operates within a clinical model,” says Stowers. “While many traditional offices may refer patients to social services agencies, we provide those services as our primary objective and integrate them within a medical model to also provide medical care.”

“This holistic approach to serving the whole person keeps clients engaged who may otherwise need to prioritize other issues in their lives.”

Another unique feature about Positive Link is one that might come as a surprise: All services are free, and financial assistance is available to offset the costs of any additional medical care clients might need.

“It is rare in a healthcare setting, and many are surprised they are not charged for services,” says Stowers.

Whether you are living with HIV, wanting to find out your HIV status or are looking for ways to protect yourself and others, Positive Link offers a continuum of services to support you with the standard of care you deserve. Learn more:

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