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June 18, 2024

Student’s calling reaffirmed through job shadowing

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Student’s calling reaffirmed through job shadowing

Audrey Butler, a driven junior at Lebanon High School, found out that, contrary to common perceptions of melodramatic procedures perpetuated by television dramas, the operating room is a very calm environment.

How did she discover this? Butler recently completed a job shadowing experience at IU Health Arnett Hospital, helping her take significant strides toward her future dream job as an emergency medicine nurse practitioner.

The value of purpose

Balancing a busy schedule with her academic and extracurricular activities, Butler has always been driven by a strong sense of purpose.

“I feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do in life, what I’m called to do,” says Butler. “I would like to be there in peoples’ most desperate moments and help make their experience better.”

Her interest in the medical field is deeply rooted in her upbringing, with many aunts and friends working in healthcare.

Butler’s journey toward her goal began with a medical program at Lebanon High School, where her favorite classes include medical terminology, principles of healthcare, biology and chemistry. She also considers these classes to be crucial steppingstones for her future career.

An inspiring presentation by an IU Health representative at her school motivated her to sign up for a job shadowing opportunity. Once in the program, Butler had the opportunity to observe various roles within the hospital and become more familiar with IU Health.

A helpful job shadowing experience

“IU Health has been very helpful, informative and welcoming,” she says.

During her time at the hospital, Butler spent two days each in the operating room and the Emergency department. She witnessed intricate procedures such as gallbladder removals, hernia repairs and a mastectomy. However, it is the fast-paced nature of the Emergency department that truly resonated with her, reaffirming her career aspirations.

Butler’s hands-on experience has not only enriched her understanding but also made her a valuable resource for her peers, who frequently seek her advice on medical-related queries. Her favorite parts of job shadowing included interacting with patients and observing the collaboration among team members.

With a clear vision for her future and help from team members at Arnett Hospital, she is well on her way to becoming a knowledgeable emergency medicine nurse practitioner. Educational opportunities like Butler’s job shadowing experience can help lay a strong foundation for local students who dream of a career in healthcare.

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