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May 24, 2023

Why not start now?

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Why not start now?

“I have always known I wanted to go into healthcare, specifically nursing,” says Ella Hobbs, a Senior at Harrison High School. “So, I decided why not start now.”

Since January, Hobbs has worked as a patient care assistant in acute care on floor 6 (AC6) at IU Health Arnett Hospital.

Ella Hobbs
Ella Hobbs, MA

“When the age to work at Arnett changed to include high school age students, I immediately thought of Ella,” says Susan Appleton, manager of clinical operations on AC6. “I knew her overall goal was to become a nurse and I knew she would be a perfect fit on AC6.”

On Sunday, June 4, Hobbs will graduate from Harrison. Along with her high school diploma, she will have her certification as a Medical Assistant (MA). She has been taking MA classes through the Greater Lafayette Career Academy the past year and passed her certification test on May 17.

“I love the impact I can have on other’s lives,” says Hobbs on working in healthcare. “Helping someone through their most vulnerable state – that is what healthcare means to me.”

Hobbs traded in her active sports life to focus on her future. Being involved in sports taught her time management skills which will work in her favor as she continues her pursuit of a career in healthcare.

“I am interested in the medical surgery area of study, but I may end up in the operating room or the Emergency department,” says Hobbs. “There is such an adrenaline rush being in the Emergency department.”

“Ella has exceled at her job and is moving into becoming a preceptor for new hires,” says Appleton. “I am so proud of the work she has done in healthcare – and will continue to do.”

Hobbs plans to work full time during the summer before she heads to nursing school at Ball State University – where she fell in love with the campus and the medical facilities. And she will continue with her career at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital while attending Ball State.

Once she graduates, it is back to Arnett Hospital.

“I enjoy working at Arnett,” says Hobbs.” Everyone here is willing to jump in and help with patient care. It is a family outside of your family.”