No exceptions! No excuses! No regrets! Be a good pedestrian safety role model. Most parents are faithful in teaching their children about pedestrian safety. Children are taught to cross at a crosswalk or corner and to obey traffic signals. Children hear what their parents say, but children also see what their parents do. Many parents have a different set of rules for themselves. Parents jaywalk, and parents frequently cross a street with the "Don't Walk" sign blinking. When children hear one thing and see another safety rules seem more like safety "suggestions." If you want your child to believe that rules are rules and you want your child to follow those rules, then you need to follow the rules. Be a good role model. No exceptions! No excuses! No regrets!

Facts Every Parents Should Know About Pedestrian Injuries

  • Pedestrian injury is the second leading cause if injury-related deaths in children age 5-9.
  • More than 500 toddlers ages 1 and 2 are killed in pedestrian accidents each year. The majority of these deaths occur when a toddler is struck by a car backing down a driveway.
  • About half of all child pedestrian deaths occur between 4-8p.m.