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February 15, 2024

A heart for the patient experience

IU Health Bedford Hospital

A heart for the patient experience

Cancer treatment is a fight, and the experience is so much better when you have a great team in your corner.

Brent Voigtschild had an uncommon and complicated sarcoma on his leg that required five weeks of daily radiation treatments, and he’s glad he got to have them at the IU Health Cancer Radiation Center in Bedford.

“It is clear that everyone there has a heart for each patient going through scary life circumstances and is dedicated to brightening their day,” says Voigtschild. “I am grateful and will always hold this team close, as people who helped save my life.”

The whole team has his thanks, but he would like to share some words about six individuals who made an impact.

David Lee, MD

“I was a complicated case, and Dr. Lee worked extensively during the holidays and his scheduled week off to ensure my treatment plan was ready to go ASAP. His attention to detail and expectation of excellence is obvious.

“I arrived very impatient to begin treatment immediately, and he displayed his dedication to me with one quote, ‘I could potentially begin your treatment on this earlier date, but I will not. It is too important that I get this treatment plan perfect, and I plan to review and refine the plan with our physicist and team to not risk getting anything wrong.’

“His caring focus has remained throughout my treatment.”

Radiation therapists Ashley Amstutz, Stacy Hall and Chelsen Brooks

Brent Voigtschild, Stacy Hall and Chelsen Brooks

“I have been so blessed to have this team leading my radiation treatments. They have been amazing every day.

“With my engineering background and heart to learn about this new treatment world I have entered, Stacy, Ashley and Chelsen have treated me with hearts of teachers and really made the experience positive.

“Coming from a rigorous technical career field, I have found myself very impressed with their priority on safety and repeated processes. I could go on, but I will just say they are my radiation heroes who are saving lives daily. I really appreciate them.”

Tracy Winkler, RN

“Tracy has been my primary nurse contact and displayed a level of caring that has touched me. While I have not had any major complications during the treatment, she clearly has personal interest in assuring I receive the best care during the treatment period and that I understand everything along the way.”

Heather Terrill, office supervisor

“Heather has been the first smile in the door and the last smile on my way out the door for nearly every day of my treatment. I appreciated her since the first day my surgeon connected me with this facility.

“She greeted my initial urgency-filled call for rapid scheduling with patience, reality and a compassionate explanation of the process. She is great and I appreciate her heart for the patient experience.”

Voigtschild’s treatments wrapped up on Monday, Feb. 5, and he thanks everyone profusely for making his daily treatments a joy.

First photo, l-r: Tracy Winkler, RN; Stacy Hall; David Lee, MD; Brent Voigtschild; Ashley Amstutz; Heather Terrill



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