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April 09, 2024

IU Health supports at-risk youth through AED donation

IU Health West Hospital

IU Health supports at-risk youth through AED donation

By Emma Avila,, writer for IU Health’s Indianapolis Suburban Region

IU Health, in collaboration with Bolt for the Heart, donated three automated external defibrillators to Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Centers. Each Susie’s Place location will receive one of the devices.

Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Centers have three new automated external defibrillators (AEDs) thanks to IU Health and Bolt for the Heart. Representatives from the three organizations gathered at IU Health West for the donation of the devices.

An AED is a lightweight, portable medical device that can help someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs can analyze the heart’s rhythm, determine if it’s abnormal and provide an electrical shock to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. According to the American Heart Association, a person’s chance of surviving drops by 7% to 10% every minute a normal heartbeat isn’t restored.

Susie’s Place conducts more than 1,500 forensic interviews each year with children who are suspected victims of abuse or neglect, attended by multidisciplinary teams of detectives, prosecutors, Department of Child Services professionals and more. The organization also provides critical support to children and families at their three locations in Avon, Bloomington and Terre Haute. One AED will be placed in each Susie’s Place location.

“Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Centers are designed to be safe places for children and families during their times of need,” says Emily Perry, executive director. “On more than one occasion, Susie’s Place has had to call 911 to respond to a crisis situation. IU Health’s donation of AEDs to our Avon, Bloomington and Terre Haute child advocacy centers helps Susie’s Place ensure that no matter what the crisis is, we are equipped to respond and potentially save a life.”

IU Health has a long-standing collaboration with Bolt for the Heart, a non-profit that raises money to provide lifesaving AEDs to those who can make an impact. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, an AED can provide extra time for that individual to make it to trained medical professionals.

“Minutes matter when someone experiences a cardiac arrest,” explains Cathy Stoll, executive director of Marketing, Communications and Community Outreach for IU Health’s Indianapolis Suburban Region. Stoll also serves on the board for Susie’s Place. “Effective CPR and utilization of an AED, followed by great EMS care to get someone to the hospital where our highly skilled doctors can take over can make all the difference. Having an AED at Susie’s Place locations creates peace of mind in what can be an extraordinarily emotional and stressful setting. The donation also positions Susie’s Place to be a good neighbor to the businesses immediately surrounding their locations when and if someone is ever in need of an AED.”