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April 05, 2024

Plastic surgeon helps breast cancer patient heal

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

Plastic surgeon helps breast cancer patient heal

Pamela Bryant was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Fifteen years after her treatment, a routine examination found she had it again.

A double mastectomy removed the cancer, but there were complications with her attempted reconstruction. That’s when plastic surgeon Elizabeth Lucich, MD, came to her aid.

“Part of the reason I became a physician is to take care of patients like Pamela who have some sort of surgical issue they need to take care of in order to move on with their life and to get back to normal,” says Lucich, who works in Bloomington.

“It’s been a long journey, but one that’s so well worth it,” says Bryant. “To find a doctor who understands and has the compassion that Doctor Lucich has—I’d wish that for everyone.”

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