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May 05, 2023

Knee replacement stopped the constant pain

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

Mark Fordyce broke his knee when he was around 30 years old, and then walked with a limp. After years of wear and tear, that led to constant pain, he decided enough was enough.

“I said, ‘I’m tired of the pain and I want it to be over with,” said Mark.

That's when he turned to Brandon Hood, MD, IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians Orthopedic Surgeon.

“He had end-stage, bone on bone arthritis affecting his knee,” said Dr. Hood. “And he was not doing the things that he wanted to do.”

After talking over the conservative options, they agreed that an outpatient total knee replacement was the best choice for Mark.

“I think it was 10 o’clock that morning when I had the surgery, and by two o’clock that afternoon I was home sitting in my easy chair,” said Mark. “Absolutely no pain.”

The IU Health team has worked with Mark from pre-surgery to his physical therapy rehabilitation, and he couldn’t be happier with his experience.

“That’s the reason I can walk and do the things I can today,” Mark said.

Learn more about his journey in the video above.

And register for Dr. Hood's free Hip and Knee Replacement Seminar on Tuesday, Aug. 8, in Nashville to learn more about joint replacement surgery.



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