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December 05, 2023

IU Health Arnett brings another first to Greater Lafayette

IU Health Arnett Hospital

IU Health Arnett brings another first to Greater Lafayette

Indiana University Health Arnett has once again brought an important new technology to patients in the Greater Lafayette area.

IU Health Arnett urologist Stanton Regan (pictured above) is now offering Aquablation therapy for men with an enlarged prostate. Minimally invasive, Aquablation therapy is performed using a surgical robot that removes excess prostate tissue using a water jet.

Why this new tool matters

Half of all men between the ages of 51 – 60 have an enlarged prostate—also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)—and the prevalence increases with every decade of life. By the time they reach 85 years old, 90% of men will experience moderate-to-severe lower urinary tract symptoms such as difficulty holding urine or emptying the bladder, usually caused by BPH.

“This is an incredibly common condition among men over 50,” says Regan. “The reality is that most men will experience an enlarged prostate to some degree in their lifetime. It’s part of aging for most men.”

In addition to quality-of-life issues, BPH can lead to more serious health complications, including irreversible kidney or bladder damage, if left untreated.

How Aquablation therapy is better

Current treatments for an enlarged prostate—such as medication and more invasive surgeries—often come with permanent side effects, such as incontinence or sexual dysfunction.

“Often, men have to choose between the dangers of an enlarged prostate and the possibility of irreversible negative outcomes from treatment,” says Regan.

Aquablation therapy, on the other hand, provides both a high degree of symptom relief and an extremely low risk of complications.

“It’s a great new tool in our toolbox that will really make a difference for patients,” says Regan.

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