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December 08, 2022

Patient gives the award

IU Health Arnett Hospital

Patient gives the award

“I don’t deserve this,” exclaims Marti Bol, document specialist with IU Health Arnett.

According to patient Vicki Oland, she does. Oland has had quite the healthcare journey over the past 17 months and Bol has been there to help every step of the way with FMLA paperwork and extensions.

“I have my BFF (referring to Oland) that calls me all the time,” shares Bol. “She is so sweet, and I love to help her.”

It all started on May 4, 2021, with a head cold that would not go away. Oland called off work—a rarity—and took herself to the Emergency department. She was admitted to Arnett Hospital with pneumonia. Providers were not thrilled with her numbers. A trip to the Cath lab showed that two of her three heart valves were blocked—open heart surgery was needed.

Hospitalist Gary Dupre, MD, (retired) shared with Oland that had it not been for that head cold, she might not be with us today.

Since that first surgery, Oland has had additional surgeries on her knees and back, plus a colonoscopy. Her most recent surgery was on October 19. One thing seems to cause the next issue, and they all add up to time off work.

“I have had a good experience with IU Health,” shares Oland. “I am a jokester, so I try to make the doctors and team members laugh. A positive experience makes the days go quicker.”

Oland felt compelled to honor Bol with a plaque. Oland herself once saved a man’s life—he was tumbling down some stairs, she pulled over to help him. She worked to stop the bleeding, called 911 and directed traffic. Her supervisor, who witnessed her heroics, showed his appreciation by presenting her with a plaque—the only woman at Eli Lily to receive a plaque in her 27 years, as far as Oland can recall. That recognition meant a lot to her, and she wanted to pay it forward.

Award for Marti Bol

“Marti has been so good to me,” shares Oland. “She is awesome with the paperwork, turning it over in a matter of days instead of weeks. My human resource director worships the ground she walks on.”

“I had to take a minute,” reports Amanda Deckard, practice manager and Bol’s supervisor, when Oland contacted her about the award.

“More people have complaints about FMLA than praise, so this was truly special,” explains Deckard. Deckard set up a holiday lunch with the document specialist team so that Oland could surprise Bol with the award.

17 months and eight surgeries later, Oland is ready to get back to driving her 10,000-pound forklift at Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI). But, of course, everyone is waiting on the paperwork.

group shot with Marti and Vicki