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July 04, 2024

Small town physical therapist brings yoga to healing

IU Health White Memorial Hospital

Small town physical therapist brings yoga to healing

Josh Yeager, a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) at IU Health White Memorial Hospital, has been practicing yoga for 12 years. Integrating his yoga learnings into his physical therapy practice, Yeager offers a holistic approach to healing.

To readers, Yeager shares a moment of mindfulness: “Take a minute and sit up straight or lay down flat, fill your lungs with oxygen, relax your body and clear your mind. Imagine a rainbow of light coming in through your body and coursing through every cell, and imagine that light is love, joy and peace. Now, imagine that radiating out to the people around you.”

Blending passions

Yeager’s journey to physical therapy was not straightforward. Originally aspiring to be a dentist, he eventually became a personal trainer. While researching graduate schools, he found physical therapy to be a great blend of medical knowledge and fitness.

Physical therapy, as Yeager describes, often involves evaluating patients and designing treatment plans that include stretching and strength training. His typical duties include treating pain, dizziness, incontinence and aiding in post-surgical or post-joint replacement rehabilitation. He is particularly gratified by seeing patients who could not walk or stand before therapy regain their mobility after months of hard work.

“It’s rewarding to see their hard work pay off,” he says. “I think it’s great just to see them return to their normal life again.”

Yeager’s approach to therapy extends beyond the physical aspects of healing. He believes that mental well-being significantly impacts physical recovery. Many physical problems, he notes, can stem from mental health issues and neglecting self-care. Conversely, physical setbacks or pain can lead to mental health challenges. Yeager finds that as his patients progress through therapy, their moods often improve alongside their physical health, healing "from the inside out."

Working in a small community

Living and working in the small community of White County, Yeager frequently encounters his patients outside the clinic.

“I literally can’t go out in the community without seeing a patient,” says Yeager, noting that the close-knit nature of the community helps build strong, supportive relationships.

He also feels that his values align with those of IU Health, especially compassion.

“I really feel like we’re taking care of our brothers and sisters here,” he says. “We treat our patients like family.”

He often helps his patients picture themselves a year from now if they keep up with their treatments, a practice that fosters motivation and commitment to their care. Through his compassionate, integrated approach, Josh Yeager perseveres to make an impact on his community, one patient at a time.

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