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April 14, 2023

When the storm rolled in, this team stepped up

IU Health Morgan

When the storm rolled in, this team stepped up

The winds were thrashing trees and rocking houses as a loud siren pierced ears around Martinsville on Friday, March 31.

It’s a scary situation for anyone, but when you’re working at a healthcare facility, you’re not heading straight to the basement or the bathroom tub to hunker down.

At IU Health Morgan Emergency Services, Debbie Robertson, RN, and Taylor Findley, US/PCA, had been discussing their tornado plans due to several tornado watches being in effect in Indiana when the sirens started to blare.

The emergency team jumped into action, helping move patients in rooms with windows to safer locations. And then, several community members came to the building to seek shelter from the storm.

“We needed to keep them away from exterior walls and windows, so we moved them to our consult room when we weren’t triaging in there, as well as Room 1 and our back patient bathroom until everything was cleared,” says Findley.

ED team

Throughout this, Findley, Kim Baase, RT, and Jennifer Warfield, RT, also helped with cleaning and prepping patients’ rooms to care for those patients who were still coming into IU Health Morgan for care.

“All in all, everyone working in the department jumped in what might not normally be their role to help, and though it might have seemed stressful, there was organization, teamwork, thoughtfulness, and compassion throughout this time,” says Findley. “I just want to recognize everyone that worked that night: Debbie Robertson, RN; Tricia Abbott, RN; Amanda Ferrell, RN; Anne Bucko, RN; Kim Baase, RT; Jennfier Warfield, Rad Tech; Eric Swartz, Registration; and Zachary Worley, DO.”

Thank you to everyone who came together to care for your patients and fellow team members during this stressful time.

Pictured to the right (l-r): Anne Bucko, RN; Taylor Findley, US/PCA; and Tricia Abbott, RN.