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March 13, 2024

From housekeeping to healing: Stormy's story

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

From housekeeping to healing: Stormy's story

Once Stormy Nantz got her foot in the door at IU Health, it didn't take her long to start taking advantage of the growth potential.

In 2014, Nantz began her career with IU Health in environmental services. Soon after, she was promoted to the patient transport team, where she discovered her passion for patient care, fostering numerous relationships between floor staff and unit managers. This experience motivated her to pursue further education in patient care.

By 2015, she had become a patient care assistant (PCA) for the medical stroke unit. During her tenure there, she was constantly learning. Two years later, she transitioned to the medical diabetes unit, where she excelled in patient care, drawing labs, and mastering time management.

“As a PCA, I felt challenged and I love learning new things,” Nantz shares. “However, eventually, the routine became familiar, and I sought greater challenges, prompting my decision to return to school.”

Nantz enrolled in part-time classes at Ivy Tech in Muncie, juggling her studies with work. Her PRN position offered a flexible schedule, allowing her to balance work, study, and attend classes. On busy days, she had the option of working four-hour shifts, while on lighter days, eight or even twelve-hour shifts were possible.

“I have always been surrounded by incredible leaders,” she reflects. “The IU Health culture fosters a flexible, encouraging, and supportive environment for ongoing education and career advancement.”

In July, she celebrated her graduation as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). By February, she had joined the adult surgical unit (ASU) as a newly promoted LPN.

Her LPN role is a new addition to IU Health Ball, and the adult surgical unit is among the first to welcome this position. This role enhances support, allowing RNs to concentrate more on patient education and specialized tasks.

As an LPN, Nantz and her team are responsible for administering oral medications and managing IV piggybacks. They also engage in dressing changes, focused assessments, and collaboration with PCAs and RNs to optimize patient care. With her background as a PCA, Nantz brings a solid foundation in patient communication, now focusing on mastering new medications and routines associated with her position.

She credits her strong work ethic to her daughter, aiming to serve as a role model and emphasize the significance of education, dedication, and the pursuit of new experiences.