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May 01, 2023

Hip replacement turned pain into no pain

IU Health Bloomington Hospital

Pamela Faucett was living with pain that was holding her back physically and mentally. She couldn’t even get out of a chair without help.

“I asked God every day, if not seven times a day, to please give me back my legs and I would pay it forward,” she said.

A referral to David Licini, MD, with IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, changed everything for her.

“Pamela has a lot of energy—she’s a go-getter,” said Dr. Licini. “When I met her, I felt like her pain was holding her back.”

It turns out her hips were both arthritic, and one hip was broken and hanging on by a piece of cartilage.

Pamela recalled that when he was going over her scans, Dr. Licini said he didn’t know how she was walking.

“We had talked about treatment options and decided to proceed with a hip replacement,” Dr. Licini said.

Soon after she woke from surgery, Pamela was amazed by her ability to use her leg in such a short time-period.

“From pain to no pain,” said Pamela. “I am able to walk and I’m a testimony to what he can do.”

Watch the video above to learn about her journey to recovery with David Licini, MD, and the rest of the IU Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team.

Interested in learning more about joint replacement? Register to join Dr. Licini's free Hip and Knee Replacement Seminar on Wdnesday, Sept. 6.

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