Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make a difference at Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital and are an integral part of the success of IU Health Arnett. Our volunteers provide an indispensable service to the patients and staff of IU Health Arnett. The care given to patients is enhanced through the services volunteers provide. Volunteer opportunities at IU Health Arnett include:

  • Welcome Center desk
  • Flower and mail delivery to patient rooms
  • Surgery waiting rooms
  • Orchard Gift Shoppe

Pick up an application at the Human Resources office at IU Health Arnett Administrative Offices located at 2550 Greenbush Street, Lafayette, IN 47904.

The common thread that links all of our volunteers is compassionate and dedicated service. There are many ways volunteers can become involved at IU Health Arnett, and we can work with you to match your interests with our needs. You can make a big difference in the lives of others by giving just a small amount of your time each week as a IU Health Arnett Ambassador. Giving to others makes a difference in peoples' lives—yours and those you help.

Benefits to volunteering at IU Health Arnett:

  • Networking with others is a benefit each time you volunteer
  • Volunteering is a great way to meet people and make new friends
  • Volunteering can provide valuable work experience for students applying for jobs or scholarships during college
  • All volunteers at IU Health Arnett receive free coats or vests, T-shirts and are invited to all special employee events

Volunteers can donate their time at any IU Health Arnett location in Greater Lafayette.

Locations include:

  • IU Health Arnett Hospital, Lafayette
  • 2600 Ferry Street, Lafayette
  • 2600 Greenbush Street, Lafayette
  • 1500 Salem Street, Lafayette
  • 1 Walter Scholer Drive, Lafayette
  • 253 Sagamore Parkway West, West Lafayette

New volunteers must submit an application and attend a brief orientation session. Volunteers also are required to complete a health screening. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, send an e-mail or call 765.838.6288.

One Volunteer's Story

"Over 11 years ago I lost my husband. I needed to find something to keep myself busy and allow me to stay in touch with the community. Everyone at IU Health Arnett had always been so supportive and volunteering was my chance to give back.

A few years ago when the Neurology department was still located at Greenbush, I had a brain tumor removed. When it came time to find a place to devote my time a few years later, spending my mornings here seemed like a sensible plan and gave me a sense of peace to know that if I needed them, the staff I trusted was right here.

By volunteering at IU Health Arnett, I am able to meet new people and catch up with those I have known for years. I have become the information center for the clinic because people recognize me and know I am here to help. I have watched the clinic grow and change over the years and remain constant in the community. I always look forward to my mornings at IU Health Arnett."
Jean Jones